Useful for employees both already in post and new hires, the Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment and the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment are tools that can provide an objective snapshot of the abilities, motivators and drives of the candidate. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. All Rights Reserved. Give them space to work heads-down and produce results. Rather than describing the characteristics of the candidate, this section gives suggestions as to how an organization may maximize the effectiveness of the candidate in terms of what should be provided in the workplace, such as whether freedom from repetitive routine should be ensured. This is a detailed-oriented individual that offers high quality and technical expertise. Todd J. Feldman. These tests are scientifically validated. I am also the administrative project coordinator for The Predictive Index (PI) Certified Partner. Elimination is a great way to improve speed on a multiple-choice test. P I J o b A s s e s s m e n t P re d i ct i ve I n d e x S ci e n ce P o i n t o f V i e w B e n c h ma r k s : P I J o b A s s e s s me n t You are not expected to get a full score but aiming high is always best as the employer will have a set score that you need to beat in order to be approved. Do you enjoy structure in the workplace? Expect mavericks to blaze new paths. Predictive Index says that cognitive ability is the number one predictor of job performance, so the predictive index test gives an employer insight on how you will perform if selected for employment. Don't give up on the Scholars! Learn how to identify conforming and outlying figures in image series for a quick & accurate solution. There are several websites providing free and paid-for practice questions specifically for Predictive Index assessments. Solving strategies are methods that can be used to speed up the completion of a question. There are seventeen different and unique profile types that are then broken down into four categories: Analytical Below are roles that could be a great match if you fall into this category. The Predictive Index measures behavioral drives (Dominance, Extraversion, Patience, and Formality). You will be tested on finding the next in the series, the odd one out or looking for analogies. Keep practicing but focus most intention on the areas you feel are weaker. There are 50 questions and you have 12 minutes a rate of over four questions per minute. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. If you fall into this category you are typically a detail-oriented individual who focuses on collecting thorough data. On the Extraversion scale, candidates will have a preference for social interaction with other people. Often managers try to manage everyone the same wayand thats usually the way they like to be managed. If you're interested in hiring us for freelance journalism gigs, please contact us. The average scaled score is 250, which equates to answering around 20 questions correctly. Verbal reasoning tests your ability to quickly read, understand and analyze a passage of text to find an answer. Each employer sets its own target score, and your scaled score will be used to compare your performance against other candidates. Proven framework for aligning business strategy and people strategy for business results. Predictive Index will evaluate how well you thrive in the position that you are in and will help you produce impactful results for years to come for your organization. The company itself puts forward that resumes & interviews cover the education, knowledge, skills, and experience of a candidate but do not cover behavioral and cognitive traits in the candidate. This profile type would excel at data entry, clerical, executive assistant, or customer service. 2. All Rights Reserved. It is a timed assessment, consisting of 50 multiple choice questions that range in difficulty. This can also be used by the candidate themselves for self-discovery. Learn how to identify words with opposite meanings by applying English language rules and rapidly answer any antonym question. The level of Dominance that someone displays is about how much influence they like to exert on people and events. Every adjective you select so that when you face the whole exam, you will be fully capable of putting forward the image you wish prospective employers to see, bringing you one step closer to your dream job. Because of this, my team counts on me to herd the cats with all the simultaneous and varied projects in play at any one time. These questions are multiple choice, and you will not be able to use a calculator to complete them so practicing numerical reasoning questions is important to find ways to speed up your calculations. Learn how to rapidly spot the pattern in a sequence of images and apply that rule to find the correct answer. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Other. I tend to connect to one or two folks before opening up to the larger group while working closely with a small team is a dream environment. It is recommended by the Predictive Index that an individual should add 2 to their target score in order to improve competitiveness as a candidate being 2 points above the target score indicates a 100% cognitive fit for the role. 49 Monroe Center St NW Ste. Controllers are typically straightforward, responsible, and factual. They work well with others and thrive in a team setting. A team player who is patient, conscientious and cooperative. Formality: Formality is the drive to conform to rules and structure. The profile categories: analytical, social, stabilizing, and persistent help to provide a simplified and easy way to understand how a person may behave in their role. Well need to be able to do a thorough analysis of things before proceeding. Buy this Course: Get full access to all lessons, practice tests and guides. It is standard for employers to use both tests in tandem as they build a comprehensive understanding of those traits in a candidate which cannot be discerned from a resume and interview alone. By meeting these needs, an employer can gain a far more accurate insight into the appropriateness of a candidate for a given role the accuracy of insight when using both tests in tandem compared to simply following an unstructured review has been found to be 8x greater. These personality profiles are based on the characteristics of each individual, which helps to understand the individuals workplace behavior. The scholarly individual may be quiet and reserved, but they are highly imaginative. The individual is tight with delegation and always wants to follow book rules. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience. Align business strategy and people strategy, Explore our resource and learning library, . Low Patience candidates enjoy variety, work quickly and are adept at juggling multiple priorities. Theyre not self-promoters but like recognition for their efforts., Guardian: Guardians are usually unselfish and approachable, focusing on work that requires skill and great attention to detail. Initially, I thought my Reference Profile was fairly accurate. The results from PI can help you assess a career path to make sure you are getting what you need and also meeting your employers expectations. Operators will remain stable, thorough, and relaxed in most circumstances., Individualist: Individualists march to the beat of their own drum, and are always up for a challenge. Get a good nights sleep, eat a hearty meal and drink plenty of fluids before the assessment. They are the patient peacekeepers that want to ensure that everyone is on board before making a final decision. translations: { Our predictive model shows good discrimination capacity, with area under the curve close to 0.9. They are diligent and reliable. You like to contribute a strategic, data-driven approach to building winning teams. The PI LI test provides employers with an objective, quantitative metric of a candidates General Cognitive Ability. Focused practice on the types of questions that take you longer will help you to create a reliable method to provide a shortcut for you. He or she can be a good listener. Extraversion: The degree to which an individual seeks social interaction with others as well as social acceptance. The only thing more important than being heard is making sure they are right. The Formality or D Drive is the factor that shows how a candidate reacts to rules and structure. There are another 6 different profiles that fall under this category: Altruist, Captain, Collaborator, Maverick, Promoter and Persuader. High-scorers on this dimension are self-disciplined, organized, and precise, while those who score low are uninhibited, informal, and casual. If this is you, consider consulting roles, banking, project management, financial advisor, computer technology or a software developer position. The Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment is marked out of 50. Mavericks tend to be innovative, influential, daring, and directwith a remarkably high tolerance for taking chances., Promoter: The Promoter is hard not to like. They are often patient, calm and peaceful. These behavioral types are further broken down into 4 trait classes that are used to measure a persons common behaviors. The objective nature of the questions offers candidates an opportunity to demonstrate that they have the ability to process complex information and therefore deal with the mental demands of the role. PI has explained and shed light on quite a few of my behaviors and the why behind them. These four key factorsor key behavioral drivesprovide a simple framework for understanding employees' and candidates' workplace behaviors. The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment was created through a normative sample of thousands of people and has since been the subject of nearly 500 validation studies. The results are read from left to right. Scholars value stability and consistency and are analytical and disciplinedwith exceptional follow-up skills. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. Find out the best common practice for interviews and how you can get yourself into the best possible headspace on the big day. Want to start a journey towards building a high performing culture? I can be pretty reserved but keep sending the invitations to meetings, lunches, etc. Each person is a combination of these drives in varying amounts, and the PIBA is a good indication of how a candidate behaves at work. Hungry to solve problems and move forward, they dislike being bogged down with the details., Scholar: Scholars are driven by the desire to achieve mastery of their subjects. They are typically referred to as introverts or reserved individuals. Learn how to interpret word-based math problems, pick out the relevant information & rapidly find the right answer. However, a very big mistake that people do is taking the actual test without ever having done any other for practice prior to that one. The test allows you to decide whether to select the adjective (or not) and there is no limit to the number of words you can select. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". Employers can set a benchmark score and immediately discount all those who do not attain it. Jobs that fit this profile type include; different sales or account management positions that have quotas to be met or possibly staffing and recruiting positions. Individualist: Do you have a desire to move the organization forward and constantly solve problems within the company? as a distinctive characterization factor for nonpolar . People who fall into this profile type tend to be naturally introverted and reserved but always prepared with a plan. The Predictive Index Behavior Assessment translates the answers to the test into a behavioral pattern that can be used by employers to help them understand how the candidate likes to work. It can also be used to highlight candidates with the level of cognitive ability required to excel in a particular job role. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. . More than 25+ million assessments have been conducted since Arnold S. Daniels delivered the first Behavioral Assessment in the 1950s. Scholar. They are excellent listeners that pride themselves on being diligent and reliable when it comes to their work. Think about where you would place yourself on the scales of Dominance, Extraversion, Patience and Formality. The Predictive Index assessment is a way to measure behavioral drives and overall learning ability in the workplace. Understanding more about the PI test can help you feel prepared if you are ever asked to take this assessment. Positions that would be good for a promoter profile include; public relations, marketing, social media, event and hospitality roles. They get their sense of satisfaction from being supportive. 200 Grand Rapids, MI 49503. 2022 Prep Terminal - All Rights Reserved. You are also self-disciplined and a go-to person who does not leave room for error. With prep packs, not only will you get a number of practice tests to see where you need to improve, but you will also receive some tried and tested shortcuts to use to decide which method suits you best. When working with us, give us time. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Recently, finance literature has turned to non-economic factors such as investor sentiment as possible determinants of asset prices. The Predictive Index Assessment can be used for various personnel activities such as employee selection, on-boarding, succession planning, team building, leadership development and more. Theyre known to be analytical, methodical, and disciplined. It provides a rating on four scales. Adapter: A versatile individual who can really strive in multiple situations and industries! They are decisive, no-nonsense people who like close control of their work., Altruist: Altruists are not glory seekers. According to Predictive Index, cognitive ability is the number one predictor of job performance. They often see the result, and create it. In addition, by providing a single numerical score, the sorting of candidates by ability is made exceptionally easy. They are investigative, bold, strong-minded workers that defy expectations and boundaries. Patient and conscientious, they are usually among the most cooperative team members. If you are required to take the Predictive Index tests, the best course of action is to put in the time to practice both components it is not a sound strategy to focus on one component and neglect the other. I picked up a lot of extra points just by knowing how to look for the easy questions, thanks! Scholars value stability and consistency and are analytical and disciplinedwith exceptional follow-up skills. I take the initiative to move projects forward while being thorough, precise, and disciplined. A person who is great at working with others, extraverted, charismatic, open-minded, supportive, well-spoken, and ready for a challenge? This person offers a high level of technical expertise. Individuals who you want working on the front lines. ), this makes connecting to a workplace culture even more difficult. They work well with others and thrive in a team setting. If you fall under the persistent category type you are typically a confident, analytical, strong-minded individual who approaches challenges with confidence, consistency, and organization. They use their analytical skills to solve problems. Are you deliberate, cooperative, reliable, and easily adaptable to situations? This particular Predictive Index personality type describes a strong decision maker who can tackle any challenge with quick responsive actions. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Some of the adjectives may be synonyms for each other or seem like they are describing the same trait you need to select as many as you think apply. Recent findingsApproximately 40% of children wheeze in their first year of life. Although this is not an exam-style assessment, the PIBA should still be treated as a test and that means the preparation should be similar. Possibly consider being a teacher or social worker if you are an altruist. These individuals are great team players! The 17 Predictive Index reference profiles, also referred to as personality types, describe common workplace personalities based on the theory behind the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment.After completing the assessment, a reference profile can be built which gives the employer a good understanding of what your workstyle preferences are, what brings the best out of each employee, and what . Controllers are the people that you can rely on when you need things done in a tidy and organized manner. They tend to be unobserved background workers that lend support to others. Influencing Style: This section explores the interpersonal skills of the candidate, examining facets of their behavior such as persuasiveness, emotional intelligence, and the ability to navigate the politics of an organization. Persuaders: People with this profile type are social, determined, and well-spoken individuals. The questions are a combination of verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning questions, and while you need no previous knowledge to complete them, good practice can help you to answer the questions quickly and improve your score. When working with us, give us time. Their resolute, calm, and authoritative nature allow them to tackle any conflict or challenge. The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment offers insight on what motivates and drives human behavior. While it is true that they tend to be perfectionists, you will see that they are dependable and easily approachable. They are someone who brings reliability to the workforce. For example, you might be presented with a number problem like this one: Andrew has to complete 180 hours of volunteering work before the summer. After my full readback I remember thinking to myself, how could just a few checkboxes on an assessment nail me so well? They tend to be visionaries that are great at providing direction in a relatable and confident manner and are usually recruited for leadership roles. This is why there are many companies across the world racing to implement these assessments, because it is making personnel more productive and creating a strong competitive edge for them. The results of the full PI Behavioral Assessment are also used to group the candidate into one of 17 Reference Profiles, which are separated into 4 categories: Analyzer: Analyzers are sticklers for details and will gather all the relevant facts before making a decision. This individual can foster strong team building. A low E score suggests that the candidate is likely to be a subjective decision-maker. The Predictive Index range of assessments are trusted indicators of performance in role and offer employers an opportunity to quickly sift through a large talent pool when recruiting. The correlations rely on measurements of molecular weight and refractive index at ambient conditions and utilize the concept of the aromatic ring index (ARI) recently developed by Abutaqiya et al. One of the Scholars identifying factors is our low extraversion drive. Director or VP of. I tend to be a very literal individual and it always takes me a beat or two when colleagues quip, it leaves me feeling a little out of sorts and I dont initially get it. By submitting my information, I agree to be subject to PI's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Proven framework for aligning business strategy and people strategy for business results. They can be described as independent and strong-willed and constantly raising the bar for their organizations. By submitting your information, you agree to be subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You will not lose points for answering a question incorrectly, so the more questions you get right, the higher your score will be. Look into accounting, auditing, banking, tax consultant or analyst type of positions if you are an analyzer. If you are taking the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment as part of your employment, either as a training exercise or part of a promotion, then answering honestly will help your manager to find the right way to help you grow, develop and work more effectively. Would you consider yourself to strive in social settings? They are diligent and reliable. When you show me, I no longer feel like my behaviors are abnormal despite being away from the norm!, Explore our resources and learning library. As developmental tools, both the PICA and the PIBA can help to improve teamwork and develop individual employees according to their skill sets. With our education and workshops, the Talent Optimization framework, and the best analytics and tools from The Predictive Index, you can stop guessing at who's the best candidate, and how to get the most from your people. Find out with a 6-minute assessment.Take Assessment#cta-6088 .block-cta::after { border-color: transparent #EF3340 transparent transparent; }#cta-6088 h4 { color: #EF3340; }. Its about impact and connection. The first page of adjectives is how you think others expect you to act and what adjectives they would choose if filling this out about you. For more information, check out our privacy policy. All rights reserved. While these are not a guarantee of employment upon achieving the score, they go a long way towards improving an individuals likelihood of success in a certain industry. Would you consider yourself to strive in social settings? Try the practice assessments under test conditions (set a timer for 12 minutes) and work on improving your time and the number of questions you can answer. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. Book your customized demo using our chat bot. For general practice on the different types of cognitive ability tests, you can find numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, and verbal reasoning tests on JobTestPreps site that will give you more practice on different questions. In abstract reasoning questions, you will need to find patterns in a series of images and shapes to deduce the answer. A few industries to consider Project Management, logistics, finance, accounting & managerial positions. This person is a precise, dependable, and steady worker. Add your name & email address to subscribe to our monthly happenings! Do you enjoy structure in the workplace? There is no need to practice for this test but do remember to be honest. The Predictive Index Careers and Employment About the company Founded 1955 Company size 11 to 50 Headquarters Westwood Link The Predictive Index website Learn more Jobs We were not able to detect your location. This person wants to know all the answers before taking any actions. When it comes to the interviewing process, your prospective employer will not offer you a second chance to impress them. The given scores serve as an estimate of what a candidate needs to achieve in order to be considered for a job role. The Predictive Index tool gives us an overview of the environment an employee will be their best, productive self. Hey, Im Michael, PrepTerminals Predictive Index expert. Reserved and knowledgeable, scholars are consistent workers that are able to share what they know with others in an approachable manner. Typically, persuaders do not like to hear the word no. This being said, a sales role would be great for a persuaded! It was designed to help eliminate bias from the selection process. The person is good with setting goals, taking risks, solving problems and challenging the status quo. There is no predominant drive that really fuels their needs and behaviors. Scholars value stability and consistency and are analytical and disciplinedwith exceptional follow-up skills. Traditionally, entrepreneurs or business owners also fall into this category. What Does It Take to Be a Real Estate Agent? They are designed to offer objective, bias-free tests of cognitive ability and personality as part of the recruitment process, to help manage teams, and to help employees develop. Initially, I thought my Reference Profile was fairly accurate. It is as important that the role is a good fit for you as it is that you are a good fit for the role. More Buzzing 2023. High-scorers on this dimension are seen to have an increased capacity to sustain activity as well as increased stress tolerance, while those who score low on this dimension tend to have a far lower capacity. This individual is always careful, cautious and reflective. A good diet, plenty of water and being well rested improves cognitive function and will set you up for a better test performance. Sign up now to start on the path to success in the interview process. Below you can find a high-level overview of the natural strengths of each predictive index behavioral type. Management Style: As the name might suggest, this section lays out how the candidate would perform as a manager of people or projects; strengths in leadership style are spelled out clearly so that prospective employers can easily comprehend how the results pertain to the candidates capability as a leader. See how you can use this data to grow as a leader, hire rockstar employees, improve teamwork, and boost productivity. It is used by employers to gain insight into cognitive ability and how well a candidate is likely to fit into the company and job role.

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